About us

The history of our company dates back to the year 1985 when the employees of our current company – Neofish Külmhoone OÜ – started working in the fishing industry.

We deal with everything that concerns fishing here, in our home region in the Baltic Sea – we fish with trawlers, we sort and handle fish, we sell fresh fish, and we freeze, salt and make spicy sprats.

Most of our produce goes to Europe and also to other neighbouring countries. Our production facility is located in Virtsu, where the handling and processing of fish takes place, and where our cold storage is located.

We fish with 2 trawlers and our modern production building meets all the requirements of the European Union. Our refrigerating chambers are able to freeze 79 tonnes of fish per day and the total tonnage of cold storage is 500 tonnes.



Delivery of raw fish, sorting of raw fish, processing of raw fish (freezing, processing with spices, salting).


We have 2 air-freezing chambers -45 ° C and 2 freezers for keeping food at temperatures up to -25 ° C.

Quick-freezing chamber (temperature - 45 ° C), allows freezing up to 79 tons per day.


We produce spiced sprats in 5-kilogram or 10-kilogram plastic baskets. Only produced based on orders.


2 chambers with a total capacity of 450 European pallets with the ability to keep temperatures up to -25 ° C.

2 freezer chambers (up to – 25 ° C) for a total of 450 tonnes of fish.


The main products include: Frozen Sprats, Frozen Baltic Herring, Special Spiced Sprats, Spiced Sprats.



Neofish Külmhoone OÜ

Tel: +372 587 559 90

E-mail: info@neofish.ee

Tammi tee 4
Virtsu 90101 Estonia